Copy of Who we are

Gassa d'Amante is a beachwear brand.

Make products using sustainable fabrics, such as those obtained from the recycling of plastic dispersed in the environment.

His patterns are inspired by Classic and Vintage themes.

The nostalgic search for well-being at the time of the Italian economic miracle and the revolutionary vision of a more ecological and sustainable world pushed Gassa d'Amante to create a line of products in which the elegant but disengaged style marries perfectly with materials modern and sustainable.

Research of the Past with an Eye to the Future.

The innovative concept of Ecovintage was born from this principle.

Gassa d'Amante adopts company policies that fully respect the environment: the use of "100% Recycled Polyester" fabric in the production of costumes, for example, not only contributes to reducing the amount of virgin plastic present on the planet, but also to the reduction of pollution of the seas and the environment.